Antimicrobial resistance is one of the world's leading causes of death. But we can change that. Help protect our life-saving medicines with these specially designed resources for students and educators.

An inititative of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, in collaboration with UK Medical Schools

Project team/stakeholders

Medical School Stakeholder(s)
Aberdeen Jonny Whitfield
Academic Foundation Doctor David McMaster
Birmingham Chris Green
Birmingham Matthew O’Shea
Brighton & Sussex Bethany Davies
Bristol Maha Albur
British Pharmacological Society David James
British Pharmacological Society Simon Maxwell
Cambridge Liz Hook
Cambridge Nick Brown
Cardiff Owen Seddon
Cardiff University Molly Courtenay
Dundee Ellie Hothersall
Exeter Karen Mattick
GKT Carolyn Hemsley
GMC Suzanne Chamberlain
Hull Gavin Barlow
Imperial Brian Robertson
Leeds Andrew Kirby
Leicester Felicia Lim
Leicester Deborah Mitcheson
Liverpool Gerry Davies
Liverpool Sylviane Defres
Manchester Riina Richardson
Medical students Dillan Mistry
Medical students Catherine Santucci
Newcastle Ashley Price
North Bristol NHS Trust Mahableshwar Albur
Norwich Paul Hunter
Nottingham Tim Slone
Oxford Nicola Jones
Oxford Brian Angus
Oxford Louise Dunsmure
Plymouth James Edwards
Queen Mary University London Trisha McGettigan
Queen’s University Belfast Ciaran O’Gorman
SCRIPT Sarah Pontefract
Sheffield Paul Collini
Southampton Sanjay Patel (Chair)
Southampton Tony Sampson
St George’s Marina Basarab
Sunderland Andy Davies
Sunderland Tim Pagett
Swansea Angharad Davies
UCL medical school Anna Checkley
UCL medical school Sophie Roberts
University of Central Lancashire School of Medicine Jorge Garcia-Lara
Warwick Peter Munthali